You haven’t sold until you’ve sold

This annoyed me.

It’s a great product. But like many websites, the makers are too submerged in their own idea. It isn’t clear what it is. I actually thought it was a spoof apple product. I had it open in my browser for a couple of days and only now just noticed the good it does.

Brands have to stop thinking that even when you get to a website the selling has stopped. Most people are far less interested in you than you are. You can’t assume that just by someone arriving at your website (or store) that your work in convincing people is done… in fact, in the digital age, this may be where it starts. And this doesn’t mean having all the necessary facts and figures on your site. It means you have to persuade, but in a way that draws the visitor in. And you have to do it in a way that they'll remember, as there’s a chance they won't be buying the first time. And you have at best a couple of seconds to do it.

Because just like an advert, if it’s not immediately obvious, they’ll be off.

This doesn’t just apply to landing pages. Even if someone is on a health care website it needs to sell to you “Why do I need this?” and if you need it, “Why do I need it from you?”… but again in a fraction of the time it takes to click away.

Which is a shame because the guys above make a wonderful product but it’s only because someone at work sent this round that I gave it a second chance.

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