I was recently asked for advice by a teammate about how we run our meetings. Like many others, we’re all working from home and catching up on zoom.

As I’m working on an Agile style project with many contributors it’s often hard to get any sense of connection or engagement. People are quiet, no one talks, and work calls can feel awkward and lacking in any sense of coherence.

Prior to my advertising and design career, I worked in the corporate world. I work on many projects with international teams, long before the days of video calls. …

I wrote this with one hand while rocking my 12 day old son to sleep at 4am. After a week of this I thought I’d try multitasking. However please forgive any sleepy typos.

I’m noticing more and more new random fashion brands, on my socials, selling designer leisurewear for the WFH age.

Obviously it’s a category I’ve started being more interested in in these quarantimes.

Many of them have typically start up, easy to buy dot com names, with vowels missing such as DFTSPPLY or EHCT. Some of the products look great but the increasing number of them with similar…

The dust has settled, wounds are being licked but bruises continue to shine.

Many years ago I was at an agency where we were pitching for a health care client.

We were at the tissue session stage, that stage where you give raw indications of the ideas you have. Mainly so they can be killed early without wasting too much time developing them, usually your favourite ideas, hence the tissues.

For this session, we were presenting ideas in a refreshingly minimal way. Each concept was just written up on butcher paper. This showed that ideas were still in their infancy, which wouldn’t be the case if we presenting a bunch of well…

If you’ve been reading this series you’ll know i’ve been giving a behavioural economics dissection of some of my favourite movies. I recently wrote about how Eminem used in-group bias to win the rap battle in the movie 8 Mile.
In-group bias is where we instinctively trust those we feel are in the same group as us. In this last article about behavioural economic’s in the movies my final film illustrates this perfectly…

…The Social Network

First up, I love this film, it’s my favourite after the Big Short. …

In my last article I explained how Behavioural Economics helped the Rebel Alliance defeat the Empire in Star Wars. Here I use another of my favourite films to show how Behavioural Economics can be used to win over a crowd. Specifically the crowd in…

…8 Mile

A movie which is all about confidence, and lack thereof.

8 Mile’s climax is a rap battle between Eminem and Papa Doc. A foe who massively embarrassed him just a week earlier.

Eminem destroys his opponent using clever lyrics to influence the crowd around him.

Some of you may have read a great piece about this…

As i’ve gotten more and more into Behavioural Economics I see examples everywhere. That’s not surprising as it governs how we think. Our brain has many subconscious shorts cuts to help us navigate the thousands of decisions we have to make every day. A short cut is really a behavioural bias, an evolved subconscious tendency to act a certain way in a certain situation.

Over the next few articles i’ll show how people’s lives are massively changed through their behavioural biases. As I like to keep things simple i’ve picked examples we can all related to, so i’m going to…

A dairy farmer contacted the local uni as he was having problems with milk production. A team of professors were assembled, headed by a theoretical physicist. After an intensive three week investigation the physicist returned to the farm. He told the farmer, “I have the solution, but it only works in the case of spherical cows in a vacuum

Why am I telling you this awful joke?

Physics and Economics have a lot in common, they both attempt to explain the world in a controlled environment. Physics looks at how objects interact in perfect conditions and Economics tries to do…

This annoyed me.

It’s a great product. But like many websites, the makers are too submerged in their own idea. It isn’t clear what it is. I actually thought it was a spoof apple product. I had it open in my browser for a couple of days and only now just noticed the good it does.

Last week Australian Senator Pauline Hanson suggested solving the growing cane toad population in Queensland with a Cash-for-cane toad program involving the unemployed.

Damien Hashemi

Professional thinker. I’ve been a director of art, writer of copy, designer of experience, juggler of statistics & researcher of insights.

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